A diary through a lens: Cllr Carl Rice, Lord Mayor of Birmingham

4 Jun '2017
{content}A diary through a lens: Cllr Carl Rice, Lord Mayor of Birmingham

In the summer 2016, Elijah Thompson had an interesting week journaling some of the activities in the diary of the Lord Mayor of Birmingham - through a lens.

Pakistan Independence Day 

The week started in Ward End Park at an Mela Event in celebration of Pakistani Independence. The atmosphere was amazing with excited children enjoying the activities; families enjoying the day and a sense of pride of heritage. This was a great opportunity to take images of the horses decorated in the Pakistan flag colours of green and white. Many people crowded the Lord Mayor as he took pictures with local people and as he opened the event with a ribbon cutting, followed by a welcoming speech. One the images taken by Elijah later went on to win a photography competition by Future Leaders who wanted to find an image that represented the diversity of Birmingham.  

BMAG (Birmingham Museum and Arts Gallery)

The following day Elijah attended a private meeting and viewing with Birmingham Museum and Arts Gallery. The Lord Mayor was fascinated with the history; artwork and artefacts. Staff shared how artefacts are preserved from damage and replicated historical paintings for display. 

My Guide, Guide Dogs

Throughout the week there was a range of events and appearances with the cities first citizen. This included attended Queen Elizabeth Hospital, to meet a Guide Dog organisation, who shared their experiences; vision and impact. The Lord Mayor was very impressed and enthused by the dedication of the organisation and how clever the guide dogs were. 

Meeting the Parrot

Elijah had the opportunity to capture the moment the Lord Mayor of Birmingham had a meeting held in the mayor’s office with a Parrot and his handler. This was a very fun meeting and the Lord Mayor was very welcoming with great humour. He commented that the images captured with the parrot where amongst his favourite taken by Elijah. 

Dr Tony Xia, Owner of Aston Villa FC

The highlight of the week came with a surprise visit to the Council House from Dr Tony Xia, the new owner of Aston Villa Football Club. Elijah was fortunate to capture the private meeting with Dr Tony Xia as the Lord Mayor welcomed him to the great city of Birmingham and asked him footy questions. 

It was an privilege for Elijah to capture a week with the Lord Mayor of Birmingham though a lens.